As a major employer in Maine, MaineHealth aims to attract and develop the best workforce. We understand opportunities lie in greater innovation and partnerships like this one with the Immigrant Welcome Center – whether it is enhanced language skills to strengthen and build career pathways or self-directed learning opportunities for our employees.
— JUDY WEST, Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Chief Human Resources Officer, MaineHealth

Why English Language Acquisition matters

English proficiency is an essential gateway to economic opportunity for immigrant workers. Yet access to acquiring these skills is persistently limited by a lack of resources and attention. Increasing investment in adult English instruction—through targeted outreach and instructional innovations—will enhance the human capital of immigrants that could lead to enhanced career opportunities and better outcomes for their families.

A Digital Language Lab is an innovative model that integrates English language learning with technology and supports a tailored curriculum and a self-paced learning platform. This program is designed to meet the specific requirements of language instruction for adult immigrants.

Through the iEnglish Project, we hope to provide regional business leaders with the opportunity to enhance the human capital and economic mobility of their current and future workforce by investing in adult English instruction.



An Innovative Model

That allows immigrants to acquire the language skills they need.